Table of Contents of Past Issues

2008 Volume 11 Number 1/2

Using Case Discussion Materials to Improve Mathematics Teaching Practice 3
Katherine K. Merseth
Introducing Mathematical Modelling to Secondary School Teachers: A Case Study 21
Cheah Ui Hock
Less Is More: Using Mathematical Conceptual Principles and Procedural Themes with Elementary Education Majors 33
Alan Zollman
Using Model-Eliciting Activities for Primary Mathematics Classrooms 47
Chan Chun Ming Eric
The Impact of a Cabri Learning Environment on Students’ Level of Reasoning 67
Murad Jurdak and Rana Nakhal
Teachers’ Mathematical Values for Developing Mathematical Thinking in Classrooms: Theory, Research and Policy 79
Alan J. Bishop
A Morphology of Teacher Discourse in the Mathematics Classroom 89
Libby Knott, Bharath Sriraman, and Irv Jacob
Missing Learning Opportunities in Classroom Instruction: Evidence from an Analysis of a Well-Structured Lesson on Comparing Fractions 111
Ida Ah Chee Mok, Jinfa Cai, and Agnes Tak Fong Fung
The Mental Mathematics of Trainee Teachers in the UK: Patterns and Preferences 127
Gwen Ineson
Van Hiele Levels of Pre- and In- Service Turkish Elementary School Teachers and Gender Related Differences in Geometry 142
Erdoğan Halat and Onur Şahin
Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Profession in Relation to Reform in Mathematics Education 159
Diana L. Treahy
Zimbabwean High School Teachers’ Interpretations of Learners’ Alternative Conceptions on Selected Baseline Test Items on Calculus and Trigonometry Concepts 181
Lovemore J. Nyaumwe
Acknowledgments to Referees for 197
The Mathematics Educator Volume 11