Table of Contents of Past Issues

2003 Volume 7 Number 1

How Secondary Two Express Stream Students Used Algebra and the Model Method to Solve Problems 1
Ng Swee Fong
Classroom Factors Related to Geometric Proof Construction Ability 18
Tami S. Martin and Sharon Soucy McCrone
Effects of Geometer’s Sketchpad on Spatial Ability and Achievement in Transformation Geometry among Secondary Two Students in Singapore 32
Leong Yew Hoong and Lim-Teo Suat Khoh
Pedagogical Content Knowledge: An Example from Secondary School Mathematics 49
Eric Wood
TIMSS – R: Performance of Eighth Graders from Singapore 62
Berinderjeet Kaur
Using Anchors to Revise Probability Misconceptions 80
Queena N. Lee-Chua
Developing a Computer Algebra System (CAS) Attitude Scale: A Survey of Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes toward CAS 96
Ng Wee Leng
Cultural Differences and Mathematics Learning In Malaysia 110
Lim Chap Sam
Asking converse questions and looking for extensions to Gauss’ method for summing arithmetic projections. The Mathematics Educator, 6(2), page 74. 123
Erratum: Re Tay, E. G., & Zhao, D. (2002).