2013 Volume 15 Number 1
A Comparative Study of Teachers’ Mathematics Beliefs in the Context of Curriculum Reform in Hong Kong and Chongqing

Qian Chen
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Frederick Koon Shing Leung
Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Abstract: This study investigated and compared the mathematics beliefs of junior secondary mathematics teachers and the level of consistency between their beliefs and the constructivist principles underlying the reform-oriented curriculum in Hong Kong and Chongqing. The questionnaire survey involved 113 Hong Kong and 114 Chongqing teachers. At both places, the teachers’ mathematics beliefs were generally informal (reform-oriented), which indicated a relatively high level of consistency. Unexpectedly, the Chongqing teachers’ mathematics beliefs were significantly more informal than Hong Kong’s and also at a significantly higher level of consistency. It seems that the mathematics curriculum reform in Hong Kong and Chongqing are likely to succeed, with better chances in Chongqing.

Key words: Teachers’ mathematics beliefs; Curriculum reform; Constructivism; China

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