2007 Volume 10 Number 2
Acknowledgments to Referees for The Mathematics Educator Volume 10

The Mathematics Educator acknowledges the service of the following scholars who acted as referees, in addition to its editorial board members, for reviewing the manuscripts that went toward the completion of Volume 10, 2007. All these external referees invited hold doctoral degrees in relevant areas, and without their volunteer help in providing review and advices, the quality and standards of the Journal could not be maintained. The editor, on behalf of the editorial board, would like to extend his gratitude and appreciation to all of them for their efforts and time contributed to the review process.

Cheng, Lu Pien Singapore Liu, Yan USA
Cheng, Yuanshan Singapore Mok, Ida Hong Kong
Dole, Shelley Australia Ng, Swee Fong Singapore
Fang, Yanping Singapore Ng, Wee Leng Singapore
Foong, Pui Yee Singapore Österholm, Magnus Sweden
Huang, Rongjin Macau Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel Canada
Jaguthsing, Dindyal Singapore Seah, Wee Tiong Australia
Kaeley, Gurcharan S. USA Siemon,Dianne Australia
Kramarski, Bracha Israel Stylianides, Gabriel USA
Lau, Shun Singapore Tay, Eng Guan Singapore
Lee, Kerry Singapore Wong, Ngai-Ying Hong Kong
Li, Yeping USA Zhu, Yan Singapore