2007 Volume 10 Number 1
Curriculum and Culture: An Exploratory Examination of Mathematics Curriculum Materials in Their System and Cultural Contexts

Yeping Li
Texas A& M University, USA

Abstract:This paper discusses existing cross-system comparisons in mathematics curriculum, by relating the examination of mathematics curriculum materials to their system and cultural contexts. Specifically, this paper elaborates the system and cultural contexts of four education systems: the United States, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Singapore. By designating a common content topic (i.e., algebra), this paper provides contextual explanations of cross-system similarities and differences in structuring and presenting algebra content in nine eighth-grade mathematics textbooks. Such a contextualization shows the promise of furthering our understanding of cross-system similarities and differences in mathematics curriculum materials and also provides a basis for justifying the possibilities and constraints in learning from cross-system studies of curriculum.

Key words:Mathematics curriculum; Cultural contexts; Cross-system study; School algebra

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