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Master of Education (Mathematics)

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Mathematics educators all over the world have to cope with a changing educational landscape as well changes in school curricula and in the resources used for teaching mathematics. We have a new generation of tech-savvy learners who have developed quite different learning styles. Also, research into mathematics education is expanding fast and providing us with novel ideas about improving the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The Master of Education (Mathematics) is designed for classroom teachers and other professionals in related fields who wish to deepen their knowledge about the teaching and learning of mathematics as well as research into mathematics education. The programme aims to develop reflective practitioners of mathematics education and, in addition, prepare them for career development in capacities such as master teacher. The programme is suitable for teachers teaching at all levels: primary, secondary and junior college.

The MEd (Mathematics) programme can be completed via a coursework route by completing 10 courses or by a coursework and dissertation route by completing 8 courses and a dissertation. Students will have the opportunity to read about mathematics education and mathematics education research and carry out small projects.

Applicants who are currently involved in mathematics education need to have:

- a good bachelor’s degree which includes at least two mathematics courses at the undergraduate level, and
- a teaching qualification and at least one year of mathematics teaching experience OR at least three years of teaching experience or other relevant work experience in education.