Mathematics & Mathematics Education

MME Staff and Graduate Student Colloquium 2018
Date: Friday 4 May 2018
Time: 4.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Venue: TR202 (Math Edu) & TR204 (Math)

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4.30 pm – 5 pm Registration (TR 202)
5 pm Opening remarks by Head MME (TR 202)
5.15 – 6.15 pm Concurrent Session I (20 mins presentation + 10 mins discussion)
Mathematics Education
Chair: Prof Berinderjeet Kaur

Problem Solving at Primary Level: Students’ Strategies for Solving Challenging Geometry Problems
Goh Song Eng
A Framework to infuse Financial literacy into Mathematics Curriculum
Yeo Kai Kow Joseph
Chair: A/P Dong Fengming

Model-based Clustering and its Applications
Zhu Ying
Optimal Orientations of Graphs
Willie Wong
6.15 – 7.00 pm Dinner
7.00 – 8.30 pm Concurrent Session II (20 mins presentation + 10 mins discussion)]
Mathematics Education
Chair: Prof Berinderjeet Kaur

Promoting the Mastery of Problem Solving Skills in Students via Animation
Han Hui Xuan Dilys
The Role of ICT in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Sylvia Lee Szewei
Translating Productive Failure in the Singapore A-level Statistics Curriculum
Lee Ngan Hoe
Chair: A/P Dong Fengming

Sheng Chong
A Game on Formal Balls
Ng Kok Min
E-injectivity and E-projectivity
Ho Weng Kin
(4.30 pm – 5 pm)
(5 pm )
Opening remarks by head MME (TR722)
(5.15 – 6.15 pm)
Concurrent Session I (15 mins presentation + 15 mins discussion)
Mathematics Education (TR 721)
MME Staff – Ast/P Leong Yew Hoong
Proving without proofs
Graduate Student – Tan Liang Soon
Professional development for teachers of mathematical modelling in Singapore
Mathematics (TR 722)
MME Staff – Ast/P Toh Pee Choon
What is the crank of a partition?
Graduate Student – Ng Kok Min
Quasi-metric spaces and their corresponding poset of formal balls
(6.15 – 7.00 pm)
(7.00 – 8.30 pm)
Concurrent Session II (15 mins presentation + 15 mins discussion)]
Mathematics Education (TR 721)
Graduate Student – Romina Yap Ann Soon

Using activity theory to study the development of an (aspiring) professional learning community
Graduate Student – Katie Bueker-Sibbit
Informing Mathematics Pedagogy: Singapore Practices and US Reform
MME Staff – Prof Berinderjeet Kaur
Teaching for Metacognition – Teachers working and learning collaboratively in two-tiered communities of practice
Mathematics (TR 722)
Graduate Student – Dewi Kartika Sari
A new topology on the Denjoy space
Graduate Student – Ng Boon Leong
Chromatic equivalence classes of complete tripartite graphs
MME Staff – Ast/P Ho Weng Kin
Rough set theoretic approach to domain theory