Mathematics & Mathematics Education


A world class symbiosis of mathematics educators and mathematicians


Through research and exemplary teaching, nurture mathematician educators for Singapore and the world.

A mathematician educator is a teacher of mathematics who bases his pedagogy on a strong foundation of mathematics disciplinarity, learning theories and mathematics education research findings.

What We Do

MME has a staff of highly committed and dedicated academics from different backgrounds and experience in mathematics and mathematics education. We strive to provide:

  • - high quality professional preparation and development of mathematics teachers and mathematics educators at various levels;
  • - relevant and interesting content courses in mathematics to support the professional training of teachers;
  • - graduate programmes (MEd, MSc, PhD) with up-to-date courses in mathematics education, pure mathematics and applied mathematics;

  • We constantly seek new and innovative ways of delivering our mathematics content and pedagogy courses in an effort to develop best practices as we collaborate with our partners in schools.

    We engage in research in mathematics education and various fields of mathematics to meet the needs of teachers within a rapidly changing and increasingly technological environment.