Mathematics & Mathematics Education

MME Staff and Graduate Student Colloquium 2018
Date: Friday 30 November 2018
Time: 4.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Venue: TR201 (Math Edn) & TR203 (Math)
Registration closes : 15 November 2018

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4.30 pm – 5 pm Registration (TR 202)
5 pm Opening remarks by Head MME (TR 202)
5.15 – 6.15 pm Concurrent Session I (20 mins presentation + 10 mins discussion)
Mathematics Education
Chair: Prof Berinderjeet Kaur

Mathematical Modelling in Schools – an applied mathematician’s lament
Ang Keng Cheng
A Study of Malaysian Teacher Characteristics and Grade 8 Student Engagement in Mathematics Classrooms: Evidence from TIMSS 2015
Mok Yuen Teng
Chair: A/P Dong Fengming

On the skewness of Cartesian products with trees
Tay Eng Guan
On the existence of real roots of chromatic polynomials of hypergraphs
Zhang Ruixue
6.15 – 7.00 pm Dinner
7.00 – 8.30 pm Concurrent Session II (20 mins presentation + 10 mins discussion)]
Mathematics Education
Chair: Prof Berinderjeet Kaur

Orchestrating discussions around typical problems: noticing as pedagogical reasoning?
Choy Ban Heng & Jaguthsing Dindyal
A study of the school mathematics curriculum (secondary)
Berinderjeet Kaur
Chair: A/P Dong Fengming

An Open Problem in Domain Theory
Ng Kok Min
On the Evenly Spaced Topology on Z
Jeremy Ibrahim Bin Abdul Gafar
Hamilton Path Decompositions of Complete Multipartite Graphs
Hang Hao Chuien
(4.30 pm – 5 pm)
(5 pm )
Opening remarks by head MME (TR722)
(5.15 – 6.15 pm)
Concurrent Session I (15 mins presentation + 15 mins discussion)
Mathematics Education (TR 721)
MME Staff – Ast/P Leong Yew Hoong
Proving without proofs
Graduate Student – Tan Liang Soon
Professional development for teachers of mathematical modelling in Singapore
Mathematics (TR 722)
MME Staff – Ast/P Toh Pee Choon
What is the crank of a partition?
Graduate Student – Ng Kok Min
Quasi-metric spaces and their corresponding poset of formal balls
(6.15 – 7.00 pm)
(7.00 – 8.30 pm)
Concurrent Session II (15 mins presentation + 15 mins discussion)]
Mathematics Education (TR 721)
Graduate Student – Romina Yap Ann Soon

Using activity theory to study the development of an (aspiring) professional learning community
Graduate Student – Katie Bueker-Sibbit
Informing Mathematics Pedagogy: Singapore Practices and US Reform
MME Staff – Prof Berinderjeet Kaur
Teaching for Metacognition – Teachers working and learning collaboratively in two-tiered communities of practice
Mathematics (TR 722)
Graduate Student – Dewi Kartika Sari
A new topology on the Denjoy space
Graduate Student – Ng Boon Leong
Chromatic equivalence classes of complete tripartite graphs
MME Staff – Ast/P Ho Weng Kin
Rough set theoretic approach to domain theory