Number theory, partitions, q-series and related research

Seminar Series

Date Speaker Title
5th August 2013 Chan Heng Huat On Brent-Salamin Algorithm for π
2nd October 2013 Chan Song Heng Inequalities for ranks of partitions and the first moment of ranks and cranks of partitions
13th November 2013 James Wan Integrals involving products of elliptic integrals
4th March 2014 Ole Warnaar Introduction to Bailey Pairs
5th March 2014 Bruce C. Berndt Ramanujan and his Notebooks: History and Survey
13th August 2014 Armin Straub Properties and applications of Apery-like numbers
12th October 2015 Wong Wei Pin Arithmetic Dynamics vs Arithmetic Geometry
30,31 August 2016
2,6, 8 September 2016
Shaun Cooper Theta functions, q-series and Ramanujan's theories of elliptic functions to alterntive bases
1st September 2016 Shaun Cooper Hypergeometric modular transformations and Ramanujan's series for 1/ π
2nd February 2017 Zhu Huilin A Classical Diophantine Equation and Related Methods

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Updated Feb 2017