Resources on Conics for H2 Further Maths

In Service Course Oct 2016

Date Topic Resources
13th Oct 2016 Introduction and Parabola
  • Introduction to Conics (Powerpoint slides)pdf
  • Handout for Session 1 (with details). This is "animated" pdf with 35 slides instead of 12. Please do not print. pdf
  • Come Together: Discover Science Episode on the Parabola.
    3 minute preview on youtube but does not get to the point about parabola youtube
    Link to buy the video but with IP restrictions. National Film Board, Canada
  • Demo on drawing the locus of conics
  • Real life demo of drawing a parabola with T-bar youtube
  • Random youtube video: Introduction to conics youtube
  • Generating Conics (animated gif, right click to save).
    Source :
  • Right-click to save this animated gif
20th Oct 2016 Ellipse
27th Oct 2016 Hyperbola
3rd Nov 2016 Classification

JCMTC sharing 17 Feb 2016

References for Conics

The following are some books that I had used. My comments in italics pertain to the specific edition of the books that I had access to. The following is a list of articles from the College Mathematics Journal that are related to conics.

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