Resources on Conics for H2 Further Maths

In Service Course Oct 2017

Date Topic Resources
3 Oct 2017 Introduction and Parabola
  • Introduction to Conics (Powerpoint slides)pdf
  • Handout for Session 1 (with details). pdf
  • Come Together: Discover Science Episode on the Parabola.
    3 minute preview on youtube but does not get to the point about parabola youtube
    Link to buy the video but with IP restrictions. National Film Board, Canada
  • Demo on drawing the locus of conics
  • Real life demo of drawing a parabola with T-bar youtube
  • One of many youtube videos: Introduction to conics youtube
  • Generating Conics (animated gif, right click to save).
    Source :
  • Right-click to save this animated gif
10 Oct 2017 Ellipse
17 Oct 2017 Hyperbola
24 Oct 2017 Classification
  • Handout for Session 4 (with details) pdf
  • Localizer Sound Dome youtube
    If you go to, you can find photos and specfications of the various types of sound domes that they are marketing
  • Wikipedia entry on the Catenary
  • elliptic? elliptic?
  • elliptic? elliptic?

Lecture Notes for Conics

Lecture notes for the course. Updated 24 Oct 2017 pdf

References for Conics

The following are some books that I had used. My comments in italics pertain to the specific edition of the books that I had access to. The following is a list of articles from the College Mathematics Journal that are related to conics.

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Updated Oct 2017