Teaching and Learning of Secondary School Mathematics


This website is dedicated to the teaching and learning of secondary school mathematics. It contains ready resources to be used in the classroom. Please feel free to amend and use them, but you cannot claim ownership of these materials. The copyrights belong to the people (not necessary me) who created them.

I am in the process of re-categorising and updating the resources.

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  1. Videos, Songs and Games: This is a repository of some interesting maths songs, videos and games to help students learn some maths concepts, clarify some misconceptions in maths, find out some real-life applications, remember some maths formulae, practise some maths skills, or just for fun! New

  2. Mathematics Resources: This is my old repository which I am in the process of re-categorising and updating.

  3. Publications: This contains my publications on research and teaching.


If you have any queries or if you have found that some of the links are no longer available, please email Joseph Yeo.

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