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Theme: Big Ideas in Mathematics

J1: Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics through Handheld Technology

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Dr Ng Wee Leng, Singapore

Abstract: Handheld graphing technology has the potential to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics by empowering students to learn across different representations of mathematical concepts. With the aid of such technology, teachers have the means to help students develop a deeper understanding of abstract mathematical concepts and sharpen their critical thinking skills. In this workshop, participants will explore the use of the TI-Nspire CX handheld in helping students develop relational understanding of mathematical concepts at the pre-university level.

J2: Computation – the Big Idea in Mathematics Forgotten and Remembered

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Prof Ho Weng Kin, Singapore

Abstract: Most teachers and students would view Computation as a trivial and mundane aspect of Mathematics, and sometimes with a hint of contempt. But the truth is that Computation is a big idea in Mathematics that can be traced back to ancient civilisations, such as Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian and so on. However, the formalization of computation only entered the scene when Alan Turing proposed a mathematical model of computation called the Turing Machine – the dawn of the Computer era. In this workshop, we explore Computation as a big idea in Mathematics and how we can appreciate it in the context of teaching and learning of ‘A’ Level Mathematics.

J3: Some Big Ideas Linking Concepts in Linear Algebra

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Prof Victor Tan, Singapore

Abstract: There are many topics and sub-topics in the syllabus of H2 Further Math that teachers have to introduce to the students. Many students tend to learn these concepts at a superficial level. In order for the students to have an in-depth understanding of a specific topic, they should be guided to see the link among the sub-topics. For the topic on “Matrices and Linear Spaces” in Further Math, there are more than 10 sub-topics. Most of these linear algebra concepts are inter-connected. We shall see in this workshop how to use some big ideas to bridge these sub-topics together.

J4: Teaching A-Level Mathematics with the “Big Ideas” in mind – An Example in the teaching of calculus related topics

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Prof Toh Tin Lam, Singapore

Abstract: In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to “big ideas” related to mathematics and how mathematics could and should be taught in a way that enhances student learning and that is aligned to the “big ideas”. The participants will be introduced to approaches of teaching mathematics that focus on big ideas, while most importantly not compromising students’ performance in mathematics achievement test. Examples and illustrations will be selected from A-Level calculus topics. The participants will be exposed to strategies to craft teaching material and assessment items with the big picture in mind.

J5: Selected Topics on Ideas of Statistics

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Prof Zhu Ying, Singapore

Abstract: It is important to understand the ideas behind statistical analysis in order to know how and when it can be applied. This workshop aims at a good understanding of the key ideas of statistics to enhance statistical literacy and statistical thinking. Selected topics may include: which average is the best, measures of variation, hypothesis testing and justice system, correlation and causation in regression analysis, how to use ideas of statistics to understand the world. Real life examples will be examined for conceptual understanding.

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