How To Install Microsoft Equation Editor by Janet Thang


Hello folks. This is a guided step-by-step method aimed at installing the Equation Editor found in the MME lab on your very own computer. Afterwhich you will (hopefully) be able to enjoy easy equation editing goodness. ;D~





Step Two: Proceed to Microsoft Office in your list of installed programs. And click the CHANGE button.



Step Three: A dialog box will appear, requesting your choice of task. Since you want to merely install the Equation Editor, select the radio button for ADD or REMOVE FEATURES and click NEXT.



Step Four: The next page will show you a list of components that you can change. Scroll right to the bottom for OFFICE TOOLS. Expand the list by clicking the little triangular arrow pointing to the right.



Step Five: Clicking the icon to the left of the words that say EQUATION EDITOR and select RUN FROM MY COMPUTER from the dropdown menu. Then click update.



Step Six: If you do not already have the Microsoft Office Installation CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive, insert it and follow the procedure for the installation of a normal Microsoft program. Note: if you do not have the CD-ROM, I can't do anything to help you. :'((( But someone else might... scout around. ;)



Step Seven: After installation is successful, open Microsoft Word, right click any TOOLBAR and select CUSTOMIZE at the bottom of the menu.



Step Eight: Up pops a dialog box where you can add commands to toolbars. Go to ALL COMMANDS under Category on the left and search for InsertEquation on the right (helps if you press the "I" key on your keyboard). Select it. Now click, hold and draaaaaaggggg the selection to where you'd like it to be placed on the toolbar. :D


And you're done!

Please email Janet if you have any queries.

FYI: In case anyone's wondering why my dialog boxes look different, I've skinned my Graphic User Interface (GUI) using StyleXP by TGTSoft. ;P The defaults are ugly. >_<