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Click here for YABASIC software

Click here for ASM401 software

Click here for CAM431

Click here to download G77 compiler ( the 1999 version)

Here is the link to the webpage where came from (click on Downloads)

You unzip the file to your C drive,making sure the "Use Folder Names" option is checked. Copy te file "G77setup.bat" to the folder where you are writing your code, and execut it every time you open the command prompt, as Vista/XP do not retain info about the path between command prompt sessions. Here are some useful batch files which you can also click on and download:

G.bat  - need to unzip the file g.bat, you use this by typing "g filename" where filename.for is your programme, so you don't need to keep on typing the .for extension, and you get an executable file "filename.exe" automatically with the same name (the g77 command by itself always gives you a.exe)

E.bat - need to unzip the file e.bat, use this to edit the programme if you don't want to go to Windows and use notepad or whatever, again you don't need to type the .for extension, just type "e filename" and it will edit filename.for


Click here for AME Conference Workshop on Newton's Binomial Series

Click here for History of Maths General Elective

Click here for zoo info