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Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators)

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The education service has seen major changes in the past decade. The profile and role of mathematics teachers in our education system have also changed. More and more mathematics teachers in school do not major in Mathematics at the tertiary level. Professionals trained in fields other than the traditional mathematics disciplines often have to adapt within a relatively short time to a wide variety of goals sought within the Mathematics education framework.

The MSc (Mathematics for Educators) is designed to cater to the professional needs of mathematics educators.

The programme emphasises the acquisition of wide and in-depth content knowledge in mathematics as well as its linkage to mathematics teaching. Candidates will have the opportunity to study subjects in different areas of mathematics, conducted by active working mathematicians, many of them holding a qualification in teaching of mathematics.

A strong mastery of mathematics will enable educator to teach better and to promote higher order thinking among students in the learning of mathematics. Mathematics specialists in education institutes will also benefit from this programme because a good understanding of mathematics is crucial for handling various tasks related to mathematics education, such as the design of contemporary and rigorous curriculum, assessment of mathematics learning, and development of teaching resources.

Level 1 modules will deal with the teaching of selected topics in tandem with the mathematics content. Level 2 modules enable candidates to develop further expertise in a number of areas of their choice. The core module, Mathematics Inquiry, will provide the candidates with the opportunity to examine the current research in an area of modern mathematics.

The programme is open to graduates in Mathematics as well as graduates in non-Mathematics disciplines, who have a strong mathematics background to pursue a study of mathematics at the Masters level.

"If you are interested in the M.Sc. (Mathematics for Educators) programme and wish to see what the courses are like, you are encouraged to attend some of the Level 1 courses which are cross-coded and offered as an in-service professional development (PD) course. Please visit to check out on these courses offered by Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group.”

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