Mathematical Modelling Outreach & 2nd Lee Peng Yee Symposium 2010

This year, the National Institute of Education is celebrating 60 years of teacher education in Singapore. As part of the celebrations, the Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group will be holding two consecutive events:

Mathematical modelling is the newest focus in our syllabus and there is current interest in the use of various forms of open-ended activities and contextualised tasks in our mathematics classrooms. A main objective of Mathematical Modelling Outreach and the 2nd Lee Peng Yee Symposium is to introduce the potentials of mathematical modelling as an exciting learning activity to inculcate mathematical thinking, communication and reasoning among primary and secondary students in Singaporean schools. Specifically, we would like to provide our teachers with some ideas on how to infuse modelling activities in their teaching during the events.

MMO & LPYS 2010 Gallery
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