Courses to be offered in 2014-2015 semester 1

(For other information of each Course, please contact the lecturer)

2014-2015/ Semester 1 August 2014

Course code Title Lecturer
MSM800 Mathematical Inquiry Zhu Ying
MSM813(More Info) Number Theory and the Teaching of Arithmetic Toh Pee Choon
MSM817(More Info) Computing and Programming Techniques Ang Keng Cheng
MSM830 Vertex Colouring and Chromatic Polynomials Dong Fengming
MSM827 Statistical Methods Zhu Ying

Future Courses

2014-2015/ Semester 2 January 2015

Course code Title Lecturer
MSM800 Mathematical Inquiry TBA
MSM811 Abstract Algebra for Educators TBA
MSM814 Statistical Reasoning for Educators TBA
MSM816 Geometry and the Teaching of Geometry TBA
MSM810 Advanced Calculus and Applications for Educators TBA
MSM825 Theory and Applications of Differential Equations TBA
MSM829 Directed Graphs: Theory, Algorithms and Applications TBA
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